Event Managers

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Equestevent can reduce the amount of time spent managing registrations and help increase exposure to your event which can, in turn, increase your event's profitability.

Managing Registrations:

  • Set Up your Event Manager Account and gain access to our Administrative Dashboard for your event. This is where you set up your mini-website and your "Shopping Cart" for all items from entry fees to other chargeable items such as stalls, shavings, non-member fees, etc.
  • Include your event's Terms & Conditions and Waivers for participants to review and agree to electronically as part of their online registration process.
  • Use your mini-website as a link for other forums where you post your event.
  • Collect more entry fees prior to your event. All registration funds are processed through secure encrypted transactions and forwarded to your Paypal account within 24 hours of each registration. No more waiting on checks in the mail.
  • Internal reports for your event will produce a list of registrants for each activity or item and will give you access to all registration information for the orders received.
  • View coggins and membership cards online prior to the event. This can save time at check-in.
  • All entries are time and date coded with a confirmation number for verification.
  • Post draws and results easily.
  • You can choose to pay the registration fee for your riders.

Increase Exposure to Your Event:

  • All participants will have the opportunity to share their event registration via a variety of social media outlets thus spreading information of your event to their friends.
  • Each event is connected to a social discussion forum which will keep a running dialogue from your event. Participants may post their own information or have access to news or updated information which the event manager may post.
  • On your event mini-site there is room for you to post sponsorship ads. This gives you an an opportunity to ad value for your sponsors or to entice other sponsors.