About Us

Equestevent was created by a husband and wife team who participate in competitive equine sports and decided that there must be an easier and more efficient way to find and register for events.  The redundancy of forms and lag time for checks was not necessary for the participant or for the event manager.  There needed to be a seamless and secure application and integration for both participants and managers.  Thus Equestevent was born.  

For Riders:

A secure database for you and your horse(s) information.  No more filling out numerous .pdf forms for events and hoping that entry fees arrive on time.  Enter your information once, search for events of interest, click register now and pay online...all in one convenient location.  Riders will also have access to draw listings, if applicable, and results.  Your personal database will also keep track of all of your individual entry and result information, including payouts, and store images of coggins, health forms, and membership cards.  Register from your computer or smart phone (coming soon).


For Event Managers:

Create your event and let the registrations begin with no paperwork hassle. Receive more entry fees in advance of the event and have full access to all registrant information.  Reduce your check-in logjam by having access to membership cards and health papers prior to the event.  Create your draw with the push of a button, enter scoring information, and post results. Use the included website for your event to display advertisements and sponsor information.  The site becomes information central before and during your event and allows participants to have a central discussion hub to converse about your event even from their mobile phones.